Sound Mind, Sound Body: Interview With Celebrity Trainer David Kirsch

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David Kirsch with Heidi Klum

David Kirsch with Heidi Klum

With a roster of famous clients including Kate Upton, Heidi Klum, Kerry Washington and Linda Evangelista, David Kirsch is the go-to trainer when celebrities want to get in shape. David is an old friend of ours and one thing we love about him is that he truly walks the walk, showing by example how to manifest the best version of yourself.  David shared with us about the transformative powers of exercise.

Your philosophy is different in its holistic approach and belief in “Sound Mind, Sound Body”. What exactly does that mean? My approach is all about tuning into how you feel. That includes being aware of how your body feels after a workout, and paying attention to what foods make you feel great.  It’s a very organic way to connect your brain and your belly. Once you really start listening to your body and feeling that connection, it’s life-changing. I’ve even gotten my daughters Emilia and Francesca into that!

David Kirsch

David Kirsch

Is your method for everyone? Yes! No matter what age, we all need to have movement in our lives and be aware of our actions. It’s not just for actors or supermodels that I work with. The rewarding process of finding that connection between your body and mind will help you get up in the morning and go for a walk, skip the elevator, and put a little more thought into what’s on your breakfast plate. Anyone can do it.

What is a workout with David Kirsch like? Working with me is a process that begins with establishing your goals.  The workout itself is a high intensity interval training – think cardio, treadmill. You will sweat from head to toe, and feel amazing and energized after.

David with Kate Upton

David with Kate Upton

What are your top 3 tips for anyone who wants to feel better about their body?

1. Nutrition. To get results, you should change the quantity and quality of what you eat in addition to following an exercise regimen. I have nutrition suggestions on my website.

2. Hydration. It’s very important to drink enough water! Know the different between hunger and thirst.

3. Goals. Determine what results you want to see – whether it’s feeling amazing in a dress or bikini, or having more energy. Be realistic!

The bottom line is,don’t force it! It’s an organic transition that happens when you really decide that you want to be stronger, feel better and be aware of your body.

There are so many exercise plans and food philosophies out there – how do you find the one that works for you? Find a workout that you really enjoy doing. But keep in mind that it also has to be right for your body type.

Click to see David Kirsch's tips on how to get Kate Upton's abs

Click to see David Kirsch’s tips on how to get Kate Upton’s abs

At VT, we believe that you feel better and work out harder when you look your best, hence our previous blog posts about workout fashion. What are some of your and your clients’ go-to brands? The last thing you want to do is cover yourself with your boyfriend’s sweatpants. When you’re working out, you want to see your body to be able to see what you’re working with and appreciate the results. It’s very motivating. Lululemon is a great brand for workout clothes – very wearable.

You went from being an attorney to a health expert who helps people reach their full physical and mental potential. Do you have any advice to those who want to bring their passion to a professional level? Do it! It takes courage, audacity, faith and belief in yourself.

I waDavid with daughterss a good lawyer, but I wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t feel like it was something that I was meant to be doing. A lot of people realize they’re not on the right path when they’re in their 50s and 60s, but I encourage you to do it early. It never crossed my mind I would become the most well known personal trainer in NYC, author five books, and own my own fitness club.

Most importantly, in my spare time I’m a single father I have the most amazing toddler daughters.

If you allow yourself to really be honest with yourself, the transition to making your passion will be an organic one. Just remember to always surround yourself with knowledge.

You also offer products that support a healthy and active lifestyle – tell us more! My all-natural line of supplements took years in the making. There was a hole in the market for natural product with the right nutritional profile and no hidden chemicals, colors, flavoring or soy. Men are easy – when they’re told that if they take a supplement they will look a certain way, they just go for it. Women are different – it has to taste good. My products taste good, provides the right balance of vitamins, energy, and is portable. You can easily bring it to the gym or outdoors. Feed and nourish your body from the inside out as you’re working on your getting in the shape that you’re meant to be in.

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