Smart Shopping

January is a great time to get the investment pieces that you’ve been wanting. Not only because all the boutiques and stores are having sales, but also – let’s face it – because you might be returning some of the gifts you got during the holidays.

There’s a beautiful Gucci knit trench that I absolutely loved as soon as I saw it at the Fifth Avenue boutique. I was patient, and then got it at half the price at a sale. 

Jesse in his favorite Gucci trench

Now is the time to get the one piece that you’ve always wanted to treat yourself to, but never did. When I came into Gucci and saw that only one trench was left, and it was in my size, I knew it was destiny. If you’ve waited and it’s still there, then it’s just meant to be! So contact your sales person at your favorite store, make a list of what you really need, and go for it! -Jesse