R.I.P. Anna Piaggi

Illustration of Anna Piaggi

“She is the only authority on frocks left in the world! Her pages are the reason to read Vogue…Every month is a shock. She knows exactly what is going to happen. She is modern beyond belief.” -Manolo Blahnik on Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi

A contributor to dozens of Italian fashion magazines including Vogue Italia, an author, a visionary, and an owner of an incredible collection of clothes that was on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Anna Piaggi was an iconic persona in the world of fashion. Known for her freely expressed artistic vision on the pages of Vogue just as much as for her eccentric personal style, she was described by Bill Cunningham as a “fine poet in clothes”, and was Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime inspiration. Here are some of our favorite fashion moments of Anna Piaggi.

Anna Piaggi and Karl Lagerfeld vintage photo

Anna Piaggi and her Fashion Algebra book

The front row of Emilio Pucci Emilio Pucci fashion show with Anna Piaggi alongside Anna dello Russo and Bryanboy