Review & Edit Your Wardrobe This Weekend

Reviewing and editing your wardrobe each season is essential. When done correctly, it eliminates that dreaded phrase, “I’ve got nothing to wear,” and it creates in a Zen closet that will help you look your best every day.

Julie Morgenstern (above) appeared in our book Nothing to Wear? We helped this super organizer revamp her wardrobe and closet. It might look like a lot of work and feel overwhelming, but if you carve out some time this weekend, your closet can look like Julie’s by Sunday. Here’s how you do it:

Start at one end of your closet and move steadily toward the other–from left to right. As you try on each piece of clothing ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I love it?
2. Is it flattering?
3. Does it represent me, and is this the image I want to portray?
4. Bonus Question: Will this get me a date?!

If you answer “yes” to all three questions, this item is a “keeper.” If you answer “no” to any of the three questions, this item has to go. A garment that gets a “maybe” is one that you may have to come back to again at some point in the editing process because you can’t make up your mind about it. When you return to it later, ask yourself the three Qs again.

After you do this, separate all of the “yes” items from the “no” items.

It might be hard to let go of items in the “no” category, but if you don’t love it, nor is it flattering, it will hang in your closet unworn and take up valuable space.  Depending on the nature of the “no” that’s given, there are three options for letting go:

1. Leave it-If a garment has holes, is frayed, or faded, then leave it means to throw away. If a garment is still in good condition and wearable, but inappropriate to your personal style, you can donate it to a friend or a charity.

2. Archive it-Archiving is reserved for “no” items that you can’t part with for sentimental or nostalgic reasons. Archived clothes  should be collectible, something that your children or grandchildren might enjoy some day, or something you can wear to a Halloween or theme party. These items should be stored somewhere other than your main closet.

3. Demote it-Demoted garments are those you still love, and are still flattering, but they are no longer fresh. Therefore, you must demote the item to give it a different role so that you can get more wear out of it before the time arrives to either toss it or archive it. For example, if you have an expensive cashmere sweater that’s seen better days, you could clean it up, use a sweater shaver on it, or only wear it while running errands or doing chores.

That’s it. Follow these steps and you’ll feel amazing when you get dressed Monday morning.