Review & Edit Your Wardrobe

Flying cross-country and spinning around to get my clients’ wardrobes lined up for the season reminded me that I need to practice what I preach. So I recently did a review, edit and rotation from fall/winter to spring/summer in my personal wardrobe. Be proactive to avoid a panic attack when the weather changes, and you will be ready for any event that comes your way!

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Men's closet by Poliform

Men’s closet by Poliform

1. EDIT.

Start at one end of your closet and move toward the other. Then work your way down (or up), where you keep shoes and accessories. Create four piles:

  • “YES” – for “keeper” items, to be placed back into the closet
  • “NO” – for items that you’re ready to let go. Be conscious about where your edits go – whether you’re giving them away to friends, reselling (we recommend The RealReal for that!), or giving to a charity.
  • “ALTERATIONS” – for items that could be flattering but need to be tweaked (i.e. dry cleaning, tailoring).
  • “MAYBE” – for items you can’t decide on. Ask yourself the “Three Golden Questions” and make a decision.


Take all your fall/winter pieces and organize them into garment bags. Make sure you clean out the pockets (especially that chewing gum and lip balm) and button/zip everything up. I always add Downy lavender dryer sheets in shoes and every garment bag to keep everything fresh.

Jesse Garza

Putting away the fall/winter pieces


Assess what you have and see if anything can be freshened up or revived. Sometime a trip to a shoe repair can revive a shoe, belt or a bag that you’ve been putting away in the farthest corner of your closet, waiting for a better time. This season, I gave a breath of new life to my old Hermès watch by replacing the strap, updated my matte croc crossbody bag that I never wore because I didn’t like the buckle (Leather Spa is my secret weapon), and refitted several jackets.


Create a Pinterest board to help you focus on what what the overall look should be. Always obsessed with an equestrian Hermès look, I began piecing my baseline (those basic separates and neutrals that give us the foundation for styling all our looks) together.

Jesse's Spring/Summer 2013 style inspiration

Jesse’s Spring/Summer 2013 style inspiration


After modifying a few pieces at the tailor and making them new again, make a list of what is missing. I splurged on a white button-down equestrian shirt from Hermès, and instead of going for neutral jeans from Dior for $620, I ended up buying a Levi’s version in stone, khaki and white at Urban Outfitters.

Now, when I open my closet, I can see the best version of me lined up and ready to go. Being organized and following the process will save you money and bring a sense of wardrobe clarity. -Jesse