NYFW Style Tip: Stay True To Your Style Type



Fashion week in New York is always exciting!  The streets are ruled with statement dressing at its best, and the most eccentric of course are the most shot.  To be in the line of fire of some of our favorite street style photographers, such as Tommy Ton or Diego Zuko, you better have an experimental fashion sense.  That being said, the fact remains that you can – and should – stay true to your style type any time of the year, fashion week or not.

After working with hundreds of women from coast to coast, we’ve found that everyone belongs to either one, or a combination of our five style types. Defining your style type is a great place to begin when determining the direction you want to take with your personal style.  It’s also a way to uncover who you are and what you like, determine what is appropriate (or not) when it comes to your putting yourself together, and identify which exciting fashion direction or possibilities exist for you.

Understanding your style type helps you establish your style signature, and know exactly what looks make you feel the most powerful.

Here are all five style types seen during NYFW, demonstrating the variety of style senses and all the fun directions that you could take your style. What style type are you?  Take the style type quiz to find out. 

Classic style type

If you’re classic style type, you go for simple, clean and traditional pieces.

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Chic style type

If your style type is chic, powerful lines, perhaps even boxy, come together in an elegant way, with neutrals always in your arsenal.

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Whimsical style type

If your style type is whimsical, playful prints and fun color combinations are right up your alley.

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Bohemian Style Type

Bohemian style is relaxed and lived-in, with earthy tones and perhaps tribal elements.

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Avant garde style type

If your style type is avant-garde, fashion is an extension of your creativity.

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Photos courtesy of Tommy Ton for Style.com, Diego Zuko for Harper’s Bazaar, and Dan Roberts for Elle.com.