Jewelry Spotlight: Aurora Lopez Mejia



During Paris Fashion Week, Jesse had the pleasure of meeting Aurora Lopez Mejia, an artist who makes stunning jewelry inscribed with meaningful words that can be etched personally for each client (and she’s got some really iconic clients).

Upon coming back to New York, we visited Aurora’s studio in Soho, and we were blown away. While most clothing and jewelry appeals to us on a superficial level, each one of Aurora’s pieces speaks directly to the soul, serving as anchors and gentle reminders of what’s important. “That’s what jewelry was in ancient times”, she explains.

Aurora was exposed to jewelry early on: “In my family, we really know how to wear jewelry. I’ve always approached it as benchmarks. With my own line, jewelry became canvases on which I inscribe what’s memorable. It’s very different from other lines.”

Transcending fashion and bringing a very personal touch into any jewelry wardrobe, Aurora’s pieces have a special energy, and would make a unique holiday gift – both for women and men (the whole line is unisex). The way she describes it is that the inscriptions are love letters – whether they’re to yourself or to one another, they’re equally powerful.

Starting with creating inscribed rings for friends in the 80s, Aurora’s jewelry creations turned from a small thing for a group of friends into something that took over her life, as she told us while giving us a tour of the studio (which she decorated herself-interior design is one of her hobbies).

Aurora Lopez Mejia's original inscribed rings Aurora’s next big step is expansion into sculpture, where she started in the first place. Having created a personal impact in people’s lives with her bespoke jewelry, she’s ready to offer it to the public.

Read our interview with Aurora to find out what inspires her and who those clients are–you’re going to want to get your hands on some bejeweled bracelets or the trio of talismans after this!

Jewelry Spotlight: Aurora Lopez Mejia

Your jewelry is very different in that it combines beautiful craftsmanship with words. How did you find that style? I am an artist who produces art with words; this became my main motivation to create wearable pieces, which hold important messages. Originally, they were supposed to be secret talismans for my friends. My long lasting mission is to create everyday reminders.

You offer bespoke jewelry, customizing it for special occasions. What are some of the most popular requests? I make jewelry for all occasions. Some of my favorites are wedding rings. I inscribe vows on them that will be treasured for all time. Another way to look at it is, love letters inscribed in gold as tokens of love. They are reminders of moments when one needs faith, courage and sometimes even laughter.

What are some pieces from your collection that can serve as special holiday gifts? My most popular talismans that would make great holiday gifts are my series of handcuffs, various pendants and the special edition lifebeads.

Could you share with us the names of some of your biggest collectors? Some of my private collectors are Madonna, Kate Capshaw, Brad Pitt, Usher and Jennifer Lopez.

What inspires you creatively? My collectors have always been an inspiration. They help me create the next piece, which will suite their individual personality. My travels throughout the world are also an inspiration. I get to learn from all the different cultures.

If you weren’t a jewelry designer, who would you be? I am not a jeweler.  I am an artist who makes sculptures and my talismans are wearable extensions of my larger pieces.


Visit Mejia’s website for more info:

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