Jewelry For Each Colortype

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a pop of color is with a piece of colorful jewelry. A neutral look can go from blah to wow with the addition of coral drop earrings, a turquoise cuff, or an amethyst cocktail ring. Our friend Tracy Smith owns House of Lavande, a gorgeous collection of vintage jewelry worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker. Read below to see Tracy’s extraordinary vintage pieces for each colortype:


The gold and varying shades of green will pop beautifully against a sun colortype’s skin.


If you’re a moon, opt for a piece of jewelry with amethyst or purple stones like the necklace above.


Earth colortypes should wear jewelry with hues of terracotta, brown, or rich yellows. This stack of vintage bangles is a beautiful blend of those colors.


Star colortypes will look amazing in this turquoise necklace.


Isn’t this the most glamorous color wheel you’ve ever seen? This necklace will work for all colortypes.

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