Jesse and Joe’s Dressing Rules for NBC’s Thread Blog

Today we’re excited to be featured in the Thread – NBC’s blog that covers all things fashion in New York. See the original post by Catherine Blair Pfander on NBC New York or enjoy our repost!

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Judging by all the “how-to” style and beauty guides on bookshelves, you’d think personal style were as easy as 1, 2, 3. In reality, of course, individual style is rarely so simple. With Dressing Rules, we ask industry insiders to spill the rules they dress by – and the ones they can’t wait to break.

Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo are the dynamic duo behind Visual Therapy, a personal styling and closet-purge service designed to rescue clients from their closet chaos and achieve an “ultimate wardrobe.” Considering Garza and Lupo once assisted Oprah’s BFF, Gayle King, on a closet organizing assignment, we’d say they’re imminently qualified to share a few dos and don’ts to live and dress by.


1. “Add a touch of happiness with a jolt of neon.”
2. “Avoid the Dragulator – don’t over accessorize.”
3. “Try a straw fedora. Protects you from the sun and looks wildly chic!”
4. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself. A full length and hand held mirror can be your two best friends before leaving the house.”
5. “Wear a print, but don’t let the print wear you.”
6. “Avoid the frizz: Go for a sleek ponytail.”


1. “Look like you are going to the beach when you are going to the office. That includes maxi dresses, kaftans and flip-flops.”
2. “Underestimate the power of a mani-pedi. If you love bright colors, it can be an accessory for your toes!”

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