It’s That Time Of The Year

If you’re in the city and feel like shopping, then mark your calendar for June 1 – that’s when SALE starts! Both department stores (such as Barneys , Saks Fifth Avenue,  and Neiman Marcus) and boutiques will be marking down their collections, up to 50% off.

The weather is finally cooperating, so now is the time to get your must-haves of the season. Sale is also a great reason to treat yourself to a special piece that you’ve been coveting but wouldn’t (or couldn’t) pay full price for. That’s exactly how Jesse got his Valentino Navy Leather Safari Jacket at – ay dios mio! – 40% off. He loves it not just for being super chic, but also for its functionality (thanks to the plackets). A great find for our mega stylist who travels coast to coast for clients almost every week.

How do you get the best out of a sale? Follow these two rules:

1. Start your bargain hunt early to get the best selection. Buy at pre-sale wherever possible.

2. Don’t be afraid to make friends with sales people; they are your allies. If you befriend sales people and maintain relationships with them, you will be the first one they will contact when something you’re looking for becomes available or goes on sale. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive – if there’s a, let’s say, Celine bag that you’re dying for, you can always ask your friend at the store to let you know when it goes on sale.

Happy Shopping!