Insider Access: Carlos’s Places Valentino Book Launch (Holiday Gift Alert!)

Carlos's places book

[quote type=”center”] Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is the radiant heart you have. Carlos Souza[/quote]

In the midst of a busy week in San Francisco, Lisa Marie and I had the pleasure of attending #Carlos’s Places book launch by Valentino brand ambassador Carlos Souza at the Grant Avenue boutique. The beautiful book includes a tastefully curated collection of incredible places, travel tips, food, fashion and art, and is one of our favorite Holiday gift ideas this season!

VT Stylists Lisa Marie & Jesse with Carlos Souza

VT Stylists Lisa Marie & Jesse with Carlos Souza

Brazilian-New Yorker man-about-town Carlos Souza is the PR genius at Valentino. Souza is a former fashion editor, model, and photographer (one of his first photo shoots was with Bianca Jagger, and he later did work for Interview Magazine).

As Interview Mag writes, A lively hybrid of a travelogue and a reference book, #Carlos’s Places chronicles Souza’s haut monde lifestyle over the past three and a half years via his vibrantly filtered Instagram photos. Organized by his chronological calendar year, Souza not only gives us a pictorial glimpse into his enviable schedule (some of the places he regularly frequents for work and leisure include the tranquil spas of Hangzhou, the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the celebrity-laden award show red carpets in Los Angeles, the snow-capped mountains of Gstaad, and the piazzas of Rome) but also provides us with thoughtfully written recommendations for each respective city. Everything from hotels, bars, museums and shopping is accounted for.”


Souza remembers: “I met Valentino at Carnavale in Brazil at the tender age of 18, and started working for them as a model in Europe. When we came to New York for a fashion show, Valentino introduced me to Andy Warhol. I was taking pictures with a whole group of friends at El Morocco, and Andy said, “You’re so handsome and nice, people will do anything for you in front of the camera. Would you give me your pictures? I’d like to put them in my magazine [Interview].” That became my first published feature.”

[quote type=”center”] The more you shine, the more you give to people, the more power you have. Carlos Souza [/quote]

#Carlos's Places launch at Valentino SF

#Carlos’s Places launch at Valentino SF

#Carlos's Places launch at Valentino SF#Carlos's Places launch at Valentino SF

#Carlos’s Places launch: Valentino has LM dreaming of feathers…

#Carlos's Places launch at Valentino SF

#Carlos’s Places launch at Valentino SF: LM in Valentino