Guest Post: Swim Season Ready by Amanda Puck

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Amanda Puck, our favorite glitter girl and an old friend from our Chicago days, is not only EVP of XA, The Experiential Agency and a food expert known for her blog The Foodarazzi, but she is also a woman of style and substance who knows a thing or two about looking fabulous. We asked her to share her expertise on being ready for the summer season… here it goes!

APoptionEvery well-heeled fashionable woman in the world really has to get herself poolside ready for the summer season. With a hot n’ steamy trip to New Orleans just 30 days away (mind you our hotel has an amazing pool), I have a strategy!  By no means am I a fitness or nutrition expert, but the following tips make the goal fun, focused – and my swimsuit is READY!

  1. Get FUN swimwear!  This summer neon, tribal prints and bright colors are in – so get excited to sport some on-trend glamorous suits.
  2. FLY – or just get up and GO! I joined Flywheel in Chicago several months ago – and it was a body changer. I am committed to going 3 to 5 times a week, and it has seriously made a difference.  So join anything, something – and do it!  Commit yourself to a fun exercise routine and you will see results. If you go with friends, you will really look forward to it.
  3. No one eats more than me – my Instagram feed will prove it. Eat as well as you can – and by well, I mean wholesome, freshly prepared foods.  Take advantage of the Farmer’s Markets in your city and grill and roast some veggies. One of my friends started a site for her plant-based diet One Part Plant.  Making small changes can make a difference.  I eat out almost every day for my job – but when I don’t I have been known to make a yummy Chia Coconut pudding. Or lean on Bon Appetit for some fresh ideas.
  4. Pay attention to your skin and get that glow – I am addicted to Prtty Peaushun – it evens out your skin tone and gives you a little glisten.  It also tightens – and you can feel it working right away.
  5. Use your SPF in a high number – I go for 70 and higher so you don’t get a burn. Stock up – so when you are ready to hit the beach or pool – you won’t be empty handed.
  6. The #truth is make sure you have a great bikini wax several days prior to your fun in the sun, so your skin has a chance to recover from any inflammation.
  7. Accessorize! Get bright accessories, sunnies and cover-ups so your swimwear will not be the only thing getting attention.