Get The Look: Lisa Marie’s Resort


Jesse and Lisa Marie at Mondrian SoBe

Jesse and Lisa Marie at Mondrian SoBe

One of my #1 fashion rules is to mix high and low brands, and resort is no exception! With a little bit of thought, H&M, Valentino and LRVT came together to look effortlessly chic. How do you mix your favorite brands? -X LM


  1. LRVT Demi ‘V’ in Anaconda $975,
  2. H&M Red Maxi Dress $49,
  3. Isabel Marant Pour H&M Printed Fringe Scarf $49,
  4. Hermès Mini Etrivière Navy Leather Wrap Bracelet $470,
  5. Hermès Rivale Double Tour Black Leather Bracelet $560,
  6. Valentino Beige Rock Stud Sandal,