Five Tips to Help You Get That Summer Bod

Photo from Vogue

It seems like barely yesterday we made New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and eat better. It’s now mid-April, have you kept yours? If not, keep reading for tips from one of San Francisco’s top personal trainers and nutritional coaches, Jonathan Jordan. It’s not just about getting skinny, it’s about becoming the healthiest and most fit version of yourself. This way you not only feel better, but you also look better. If you put energy into getting yourself ready for summer starting today with these 5 steps, you can make your goal become a reality by memorial day.

1. Go big: Focus on Large Muscle Groups

Exercises that work big muscles and use more than one joint will burn more calories. Work the big muscle groups including your glutes, latissimus dorsi (your mid back muscles), and pecs with movements like squats, pulldowns, and bench press exercises.

2.Do Your Cardio in the Morning

Studies show that working out before you eat in the morning can burn 20% more fat. Replace your usual aerobic cardio routine for shorter bursts of High Intensity Interval Training for maximum fat burn. I recommend hill sprints as they are one of the best ways to efficiently burn fat while also strengthening and toning legs.

3.The Key to Getting Abs

Here’s the deal, a visible six pack is a matter of body fat. You’ll need to get yours low enough so your rectus abdominus muscle shows. You have just as much work in the kitchen as in the gym. Focus your efforts on eating clean and reducing body fat instead of the typical sit ups and crunches.

4.Posture is Crucial

Modern luxuries including laptops and cell phones have left most people with less than stellar posture. Counteract the ”tech neck” look with spine saving strengthening moves that will give you a fitter, healthier appearance.

5.Limit Stress and Get Some Rest

Important metabolic processes happen while we rest, including muscle growth. Make time for recovery to keep your fat storing hormones at bay, or all the work you’ve done will be for nothing. We are also big believers in the power of meditation. If you’re new to the practice, try the MindSpace app for a guided meditation free trial.

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