Fine-Tuning a Wardrobe: Tailoring

“The essence of tailoring is the simulation of line on the three-dimensional body.

Koda/Martin, Haute Couture

A designer skirt or suit looks impeccable on the runway, but the truth is that a garment beautifully hanging in a store was made to fit one thousand other people. That is why whenever there is room for perfection, we suggest that our clients bring a garment to a tailor to fine-tune and sculpt it according to their body.

Before bringing something to a tailor, ask yourself whether the garment is worth reworking, or does it make more sense to shop for something new? A good rule of thumb is that if a garment is more than a size too large, it most likely doesn’t stand a chance of being revived by a tailor: it just won’t be optimal.

Photo courtesy of Hackett Tailoring

Most common tailoring fixes that we recommend to our clients are:

  1. Changing hem length
  2. Changing sleeve length
  3. Nipping in at the waist to mark the waistline
  4. Closing pockets on pants

All of these easy fixes can significantly change the shape of an outfit and the way you feel in it. Don’t underestimate the power of closing the pockets! Spring items are made from lighter fabrics, and removing the pocket lines will provide a cleaner, longer and leaner line. Closing the pockets can also make your hips appear narrower.

Other Visual Therapy tips:

  1. Don’t let out cotton and linen garments, otherwise you may end up leaving marks in the place of stitches.
  2. Typically summer fabrics – especially linen and cottons – are good for one season, two at the most. You can still use your Spring/Summer pieces for Resort later on your winter holiday, but after that expect them to bite the dust.
  3. Always make sure that your whites and white and your linens are fresh and in shape.

Happy Tailoring! – Joe