Feelin’ It: The What’s Underneath Project

Feelin' It

[quote type=”center”]Style is not the clothes you wear… it’s the comfort in your own skin. It is not a facade. It is your spirit. It’s What’s Underneath.[/quote]

We were so captivated and completely moved by the short films of the  “What’s Underneath Project”,  that we had to share the experience with you!  An interviewer behind the camera asks each subject (women of every age, shape and background) questions about clothing, confidence and their relationship with their body and you won’t believe what is revealed.  As a brutally honest, intensely vulnerable yet beautiful conversation is happening, the interviewee slowly removes their clothes, like layers of an onion revealing their true essence – the core of who they are.  The women interviewed are all stunning in their own unique way, from plus size model Aglae Dreyer to Jillian Mercado, model and entrepreneur with muscular dystrophy, and Jacky O’Shaughnessy, who became an American Apparel model at 62.

Shifting the perspective of style from superficial to introspective, StyleLikeU reveals the much deeper truth behind being stylish, and moreover, behind the concept of being beautiful. At Visual Therapy, we always say, “it’s not the dress, it’s what’s in the dress that matters.” And this beautiful project proves it. Make sure you check it out – a perfect start to the weekend!