Fashion Tip: Create a Style File

Like foreign language, style only gets better when you expose yourself to its world and practice, practice, practice. That’s why we think that it’s great to create collages with your fashion inspiration. It will give you a better understanding what makes you feel best and help you create a strong image that feels right (and that’s what Visual Therapy is all about!).

Look through fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Bazaar, InStyle, Vogue, W and Marie Claire and cut out images that inspire you. Put the pictures in a folder and write down your comments. The idea is to translate what you see in these magazines into looks that are appropriate for you – a process that will help you stay current and up to date. Call it your ongoing style file. You can also post your favorites seasonally on a bulletin board to create a collage of looks that will serve as further inspiration.

For those of you who are digital fashionistas, these are fun tools for creating looks and clipping pictures:

1. Pinterest – “pin” things you love from around the Web onto customizable virtual boards.

2. Polyvore – mix and match clothes, accessories and editorial photos to create so-called “sets”.

Creating Your Style Inspiration