Boutique Spotlight: Roll & Hill

roll and hill showroom, living room with round lighting, indoor plant, round coffee table

As interior designers, we make sure to stay up to date with new design boutiques and studios, as we need to provide the top interior resources for our clients. It’s our job to scope out the scene, luckily for us, it’s one of our favorite things to do!

Our latest visit was to Roll and Hill, a design studio that creates beautiful custom light fixtures made on-demand. Everything at Roll and Hill is hand made with rich materials by chosen independent designers in Brooklyn. As we walked around the boutique, we quickly became obsessed with the careful curation of each design by Jason Miller and the handful of select designers/artists.

The best part of Roll & Hill Showroom is that it is open to the public. Located on Canal and Howard in Soho, it is within walking distance to other interior showrooms as well. Make your way downtown to check out the new installation of lighting beginning May 19th.

lighting fixture in roll & hill lighting storelighting at roll & hill lighting showroomhanging lighting fixture at roll & hill lighting showroomlighting fixture at roll & hill lighting