VT Home: 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Home Office

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When designing a home office it’s important to consider the very nature of an office. With all the clutter, unsightly equipment, and paperwork, the space itself will require some extra thought and preparation to be an ‘add to’ in your overall scheme.

Built-ins with shelves and cabinetry are your best friend. If you don’t have the budget for custom, be sure the furniture you choose has adequate storage and that you take the time in the beginning to think through the details. Here are my 5 design tips to creating a functional AND chic home office.

1.Go Bold

There are many parameters that we are forced to adhere to for functionality of a home office. Make it a space you want to be in by adding a statement piece. Try a strong piece of art, a painting, a sculpture or something that brings the imagination away from the ‘all work’ aspect and gives the room some interest.

2. Make it a library

Whenever possible, be sure there are bookshelves or at least chic étagère with a carefully curated collection of handsome books to give the room a warm and inviting feeling and of course for your personal reference and inspiration.

3. Give it texture

Use an interesting patterned rug, a bold paint color or wall covering in your home office to give it texture. Another way to add some interest and texture is adding wallpaper on the inside of bookshelves.

4. Lighting is everything

Be sure your work area is well lit to allow optimal functionality, but pay attention to how you do it. Too many times, I have seen people create a gorgeous home office only to ruin it with bad lighting. Some great solutions are lights on the top of bookshelves and a desk light for work areas.

5. Allow your office to do the multi-tasking

Converting an extra bedroom, an attic, or even a lower level of a home can be the best options for a home office. We’ve seen some great examples of a lower level of the home being converted to an office with a sofa and custom millwork to create an office/media room/library. Attics can be quiet places that keep your work separate from the rest of your home. An added skylight can transform a boring attic into a fabulous well lit office!