TLC Time For Your Spring Accessories

Isabel Toledo was right when she said: “A shoe is a woman’s pedestal”.

Think of a spring wardrobe update. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely you’re thinking flowy dresses, skirts, bright colors and sunglasses. But what about shoes? There’s nothing worse than worn out, mangled and tired shoes. It’s time to give your past season’s shoes, belts and bags some TLC!

Spring Accessories in Elle May 2011. Pink Leather Sandal, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Woven Leather Tote Bag by Akris, Leather Flap-Front Bag by Valentino Garavani, Leather Wedge Sandal by Hermès. Photo courtesy of Dan Forbes.

Some shoes look fabulous even after years of wear, and it’s always good to revive last season’s favorites. It’s best to go about it in stages to avoid running to the store and doing last-minute shopping, and now is the perfect time to try things on and review them. Besides paying attention to how everything looks, follow one of Visual Therapy’s golden rules and ask yourself: “Does it feel comfortable?” This goes for both shoes and belts, because over the winter our bodies have a tendency to change. If a belt doesn’t feel right, have it adjusted so that it fits.

Gucci Nubuck Leather Belt

Second step is deciding what is worth being refurbished and what should go. Usually Spring/Summer accessories have a short life, especially delicate belts, sandals and espadrilles. When you buy a pair of metallic flip flops or any white shoes, be prepared that it’s a one-shot deal and they will have to be replaced next season.

Next, bring shoes that still look good to a shoe repair – you’d be surprised how a shoe can be revived. Replacing a sole will give a new breath of life to a shoe and will cost you less than buying a new pair. Refurbished shoes can become your run-around shoes: they’re already broken-in and feel good, and will serve you well in this transitional weather. This is especially true for patent ballerina flats, as patent leather isn’t worn out by water as easily as regular leather. You wouldn’t want to get caught in a spring shower while wearing your latest and greatest!

Some repairs that you should consider for your shoes (and other leather pieces) are:

  • Sole replacement
  • Heel replacement
  • Liners replacement
  • Fixing heel scarring
  • Removing scuff marks
  • Cleaning up buff and white colors

Use this transitional time to take care of your shoes and leather accessories – before the summer weather really breaks in! Our favorite place in New York to fix shoes is Leather Spa – they can do anything from heel repair and sole replacement to shoe stretching and leather re-finishing. – Jesse