The Tom Ford Experience

Tom Ford is a style icon that I look up to. I find inspiration in following his career, and I’m always excited to see his next masterpiece. In this post, I’d like to share my thoughts on Tom Ford’s flagship store in New York. – Jesse

Tom Ford

Tom Ford in January 2011 Issue of Harper’s Bazzar

The Tom Ford flagship store on Madison Avenue is the epitome of chic. I haven’t seen this kind of magic since the days of Ultimo (Chicago’s mecca of high-end fashion for four decades). Having been lucky to watch my mentor Joan Weinstein create the high-end luxury business at Ultimo in the 70’s-90’s (you can read more about it in Kate Betts’ book “Everyday Icon“), I felt that same vibe at the Tom Ford boutique. The women’s department merchandising is impeccable. In every detail of the store, Tom Ford is raising the bar of the luxury business.

Visual Therapy’s friend Rita Wilson in Tom Ford                     (Rita wrote foreword to our book “Life in Color”)

My clients are blown away by Tom Ford’s women’s Ready-to-Wear line, and it’s fun and exciting to plug in the new looks into their social calendars, knowing that they’re going to be rockstars! The greatest thing is that you can come to Tom Ford not only to get an amazing look, but also to line up a complete and powerful wardrobe. The magic begins the minute that we come in – we’re always helped by the lovely Debra Anderson, who paid us a huge compliment by referring to Visual Therapy as the best in the industry.

Tom Ford Spring 2011 via

Some of the items from the Spring 2011 collection that I fell in love with were:

  1. Unbelievable white movie star trench coat (available in suede or viscose).
  2. Back-tied silk black dress – sexy!
  3. White tuxedo jacket and trousers reminiscent of “Le Tuxedo” worn by style icon Bianca Jagger. Today there is no other designer who takes men’s tailoring and puts it into a woman’s wardrobe as skillfully as Tom Ford.

Bianca Jagger in Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo