THE RELAUNCH, Step 3: Manifest Your Style With A Style File

THE RELAUNCH | Visual Therapy

Melinda Knight's Fall Style File

After you’ve taken the style type quiz, create a style file on Pinterest that reflects the star version of you.

When you invest time in creating a visual representation of what you want  to be, the signal is being sent much further than you think. 

Knowingly or (most often) unknowingly, you become a reflection of your board. Choosing things that you want to attract into your life through a visualization is a simple but powerful tool that really affects your life and your style. Just go and try it. When applied to all areas of your life, it brings a true transformation.

Before working with a client, we ask each one of them to create a style file on pinterest. A lot of times, we don’t even know how exactly we want to look until we get into this fun visualization exercise.

Creating a style file is an essential step of stepping into the most powerful version of YOU.

Share your Pinterest board with us in comments below – we’d love to see!

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