5 Steps to Editing your Closet in the New Year


2019 has officially arrived, and with the new year comes new beginnings and the ability to hit reset and refresh. One of the best ways to start off the new year right is by performing a thorough edit of your wardrobe and planning what your sartorial choices will look like for the year.

An edit should ideally be done several times a year, but it is even more crucial in the new year and during the change of seasons in the Spring and the Fall. The ultimate goal is to create a zen space in your closet and eliminate the “I have nothing to wear!” syndrome.

To ensure you have the tools to look your best each and everyday, follow the 5 steps below—you won’t regret it!

Step 1: Edit

Start from one end of your closet, working your way from clothing to shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Create four piles:

  1. Yes – These items you absolutely love, wear, and want to keep.
  2. No – These items you no longer love or wear and are ready to part with. Further organize these into two piles – resell (we recommend The Real Real) or donations.
  3. Alterations – This pile is for items that could be flattering but need to be tweaked (i.e. tailoring, dry cleaning.)
  4. Maybe – For those items you are unsure about.


Step 2: Clean Up

Separate any items that are off season—empty pockets, zip zippers, button buttons, and place them in garment bags to be stored away. But, before you stow these items away, make sure they have been washed or dry cleaned. Organize your “keeps” by color, fabrication, type, and put away shoes by category (i.e. business, evening, casual.) For more advice on how to store off season items, check out our founder Joe Lupo’s tips on Vogue.com.

Step 3: Repair

Assess what you have and see if anything can be refreshed or revived with a quick trip to the cobbler or repair shop. Here at Visual Therapy, we’re big proponents of “shopping your closet” before you decide to buy anything new. We advise our clients to take inventory of what they already own because many times they fall in love all over again with something they’ve been neglecting or had completely forgotten about! We’re also big fans of The Leather Spa  for any shoe, bag, or leather related repairs.

5 Steps to Editing Your Closet in the New Year

Step 4: Get Inspired!

Take to Pinterest and curate images that inspire your personal style (Tip: Follow us for an instant collection of beautiful fashion images!) For on-the-pulse updates on what’s trending, subscribe to our blog to see what’s hot in stores at the moment.

5 Steps to Editing Your Closet in the New Year

Step 5: Make a Wish List

After modifying some of your pieces at the tailor and repairing any shoes and handbags, make a list of what you’re missing. Remember, it’s not necessary to break the bank! Have less, love more is one of the sartorial models we live by.

New Year New You