Testimonial: Visual Therapy Wardrobe Edit With Supermodel Emme

Supermodel Emme, who rocked the fashion world as the first plus-size model in the 1990s, is a huge inspiration and a dear friend of ours. Advocate for wellness and the mind-body-soul connection, mother, writer, and entrepreneur, Emme launched  the “Fashion Without Limits” with the College Of Visual And Performing Arts this year, initiative that will promote the creation of size 12+ designs with a special competition.

Emme admitted to us that she finds herself making “emotional purchases” and holding tight to the over tired goodies,  “just in case”, so we decided to send out the VT stylists (Kellye and Hannah) to help Emme feel the clarity that the Visual Therapy process brings into the lives of our clients and readers.

Here’s what she shared with us about her wardrobe clarity experience!

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Supermodel Emme All I have to say is I am thoroughly blown away! Absolutely blown away. It’s so incredible to look at my wardrobe and feel peace and calm. I don’t know how many closets I’ve cleaned out over the years, but having it done for me and going through the process myself was absolutely needed to let go of the past, delightful to purge, and a little painful… Ok, mostly relieving, but ohhh, not my little Fendi! Emme's Closet Before Visual Therapy There’s certainly something to be said about buying well when it comes to clothes. I can see many pieces over 5 years old still hanging after the final edit. These well made and high thread count items carry you through the thick and thin in life – which you can’t escape. Who says you can’t look stylish or pulled together when everything might be unraveling around you?

Giveaways and donations

Giveaways and donations from the edit

[quote type=”center”] What I learned is that I need to turn away from the emotional purchase and holding tight to over tired goodies, “just in case”. Let them go, they just take up space! [/quote]

After Visual Therapy

Now, I actually don’t have every square inch filled with big bulky sweaters, boxes, hats, and sweatpants. How can something so simple like free and clear surface area offer so much clarity?

I’m going to work hard to slow down and thoughtfully fold my clothes, put them away immediately in their place, and only purchase what I need. Thank you Kellye and Hannah – for my hours of Visual Therapy today! You’ve made my recent re-entry into modeling, TV hosting and attending busy social life so much easier with my newly refined grab-n-go closet confidence! – Emme

p.s. It so happens that today is also the release of the Model Alliance calendar that EMME is in! This year’s calendar celebrates diversity and female empowerment. For more events and news from EMME, such as VStyle, her styling initiative designed to better prepare female military veterans going back into the work place, visit emmenation.com Connect with Emme on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To learn more about our services, see the Visual Therapy Services page.