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We’re obsessed with everything equestrian and when we came across, a stunning blog about all things horses, we immediately tracked down it’s creator, Linnéa Aarflot.  Linnea is a New York-based holistic horse trainer  (aka “horse whisperer”), who just so happens to have incredible style and poise, a creative eye, and a story to share. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Linnéa Aarflot – possibly the most stylish figures in equestrian history – and make sure you bookmark The Equestrian

How did your love for horses become a career? I’ve always had a sixth sense for horses, wanted to work with horses but not in the traditional way, as a competitor. I used to have a 9-5 office job with a boss telling me what to do, but at one point I realized that people wanted to pay me for doing what I love – training horses. I’m great with “problem” horses, or very sensitive ones, so I created my own niche. I heal and strengthen horses (and automatically their humans) and I tell the stories about it on The Equestrian -it appears to be great on a larger scale than only for myself, which I love.

What’s the story behind your blog, The EquestrianI needed a creative outcome for what I do with horses. I’m not the traditional competitor, but I still have so much to give. For me riding is an art, it’s a healing dance and a beautiful quiet conversation. It’s too good to keep to myself, so I started to blog about it. The first six months, I didn’t show it to anyone, I just needed to express myself. That’s almost three years ago now and it’s grown into great collaborations, and my own business. I also love to inspire people to feed their spirit and listen to their intuition. The funny thing is that 40% of my readers are not equestrians.

What brought you to New York, and what’s your favorite spot in the city? I moved here when my main business was Art Direction and I got a job as the Art Director at Above Magazine – for the earth. I thought to stay for a maximum of one year and take a break from the equestrian world. Didn’t happen. I found horses in The Hamptons and Montauk, and a way to make a living with my passion, so I’m still here!
In the city I love brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter on Kenmare, to-go juices from Master Juice NYC, or dinner at The Fat Radish. I love food. Good and organic food.

Linnea Aarloft | Photo by Rickard Aronsson

Linnea Aarflot | Photo by Rickard Aronsson

Your equestrian chic style is impeccable. Do you style your own photo shoots? Thank you! Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I’m very transparent as a person, and if I’m not comfortable in the clothes I wear it totally shows in photos, haha, so it’s a safe card to style on my own.

Describe your go-to look. I like clean lines, clean and casual, with a small but sharp detail or accessory somewhere. A white shirt, black denim, boots and one accessory – like my ear wing, I love that one right now.



Favorite brands? My sponsor Martha Ridewear designs clean pieces I can wear in the Equestrian world and when in the city – love that. Outside The Equestrian world it’s Phillip Lim. They have a great balance between clean and casual with sharp details.

Do you have a style icon? Actually no. Never had one. I find pieces here and there and put it together my own way. I find that more unique things tend to fit my character, rather than a specific brand or persona.

Linnea Aarloft | Photo by Rickard Aronsson

Linnea Aarflot | Photo by Rickard Aronsson

Must-have this SS 2014 season? The ear wing, or  this horse bag. I never wear horses on my outfit, but this bag has caused me to make an exception.

You started exhibiting your paintings at the tender age of 12. Do you still paint? Yes! But not as much as when I was a kid -I do more illustrations now.  I release so much of my creativity when working with the horses and The Equestrian that I find I don’t have the same need for it. My mom does though, so I’m sure I will return to it when I’m older.

Do you have words you live by? Listen to your intuition!

Style Feature: Linnéa Aarflot Of The Equestrian

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