Powerful Style: Michelle Obama and Ann Romney

Today all the talk is about Michelle Obama’s historical speech at the Democratic National Convention. Politics aside, both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are incredibly powerful women, and each has a very distinct style to match their strong personalities. Let’s take a look at the fashion choices the First Lady and Mrs. Romney made for what was one of the biggest events in this year’s presidential race.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at the National Democratic Convention

Style Type: Chic – powerful look with sharp lines that come together in an effortless way.

The Look: Custom silk printed dress by New York designer Tracy Reese with pink J. Crew pumps. Perfectly cut, this chic dress had a simple neckline that emphasized Michelle Obama’s iconic shoulders and arms, as if affirming her strength. We loved how the floral print made the modernist silhouette and color (pink with grey) of the dress more feminine and approachable.

Ann Romney

Ann Romney at the National Republican Convention

Style Type: Classic – simple, clean, and traditional ladylike look.

The Look: Red belted knee-length dress by Oscar de la Renta with a face-framing collar, worn with black pumps. Tasteful and appropriate, the dress was a great choice – both in terms of fit and the patriotic color.