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Natalie Kuhn of "theclass"

Wellness: The Class, A Bootcamp for Body + Soul

The basis of “the class” is working one muscle group at a time for a full song (think Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus) to the point where you go past physical pain and straight into the emotions. That’s where the shift really happens.
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Feelin’ It: The Riding Vibe

The thing about equestrian living is that it's so much more than just riding. As founder of The Equestrian Linnéa Aarflot says, "riding is more about being present in the emotions and senses, than it is a technique. It is of greater value to learn how to be in the vibe, than it is to learn exactly in what angle to put your toes in the stirrup."

Wellness: 3 Best Hybrid Workouts in NYC

At Visual Therapy, we’re all about Mind, Body, and Soul. As we work with clients to line up their optimal wardrobes and help them to be the best version...