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Perfect Sweaters For Every Style Type

 Image via Vogue If the debut of Christmas decor, seasonal music, and an early snow flurry isn't enough to remind you that winter is near, we're here to tell...
Gilda Ambrosio Giorgia Tordini

3 Chic Outfit Ideas For Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving in New York is going to be a chilly one, and with the crazy weather we've been experiencing this fall, it's been tricky planning out looks in...
Kellye Henton

VT Stylist Profile: Kellye Henton

Lead stylist Kellye Henton has been on the Visual Therapy team for quite a few years—and needless to say—she's an incredibly talented stylist who's...
vogue hong kong

4 Coat Styles We Love For Fall

Vogue Hong Kong Fall weather has officially begun here in NYC and the wait is finally over—our favorite cozy coats and jackets can make their long awaited...
Catherine Detraves

VT Style Icon: Catherine Détraves

  Visual Therapy recently expanded its presence in LA, and with that came the opportunity to interview and visit the stunning contemporary home of...