Move Over, Athleisure: Streetnic Is Here

Photo: @happilygrey

Photo: @happilygrey

While athletic-inspired joggers, sneakers, and slides are everywhere this season, the founder of Lululemon claims that “Athleisure” is out. Don’t panic: it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your multi-tasking workout gear-infused uniforms.

Now, it’s all about “streetnic”  – technical, stretch, street.

Lululemon Lab collection

So what’s the difference between athleisure and streetnic?

According to Sporteluxe and Lululemon’s Chip Wilson, aside from being two unique, completely fabricated terms (although one has made it into the dictionary), athleisure puts fashion first and functionality second, whereas streetnic is first and foremost a technical piece of apparel which, happens to also be stylish.

That’s exactly where Lululemon’s new everyday line, Lululemon Lab, fits in. The limited-edition capsule collections are a hybrid between function, sweat, performance, and ready-to-wear hat can take you through your whole day.

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the Spring 2016 collection, see more

lululemon lab spring 2016 collection piece