Meryl Streep: Understanding the Power of Fashion

When working with clients, I’ve noticed that some of the busiest professionals enjoy the Visual Therapy process the most. They love idea of a systematic approach to fashion and understand the empowerment that it can offer.

Meryl Streep in W Magazine

My favorite actress Meryl Streep once said: “For me, clothes are kind of character; I don’t follow fashion or understand trends.” While she is one of the most talented actors of my time (with 16 Oscar nominations), she always looks appropriate and isn’t a fashion victim. Instead, Streep uses fashion as a tool and allows it to work for her. -Joe

Meryl Streep in Vanity Fair

In movie Still of the Night, 1982

Meryl Streep's costumes in the Out of Africa (1985) have inspired many designers

In Sophie's Choice, 1982

In Death Becomes Her, 1992

Meryl Streep with Penelope Cruz on the cover of Spanish Vogue