Inspiration: Halston

Lauren Hutton wearing Halston in 1975

Halston is one of the biggest inspirations for all the work that we do, and we’re following the news as it’s being reorganized again. “The first American superstar designer” (according to Whitney Sudler-Smith), Halston created designs that were the definition of chic, tastefully sexy, and completely ageless. His aesthetic is different from every other designer in its elegant minimalist lines and brilliant use of color. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Halston will be remembered for bringing simple, elegant and ultimately iconic collections to the world of fashion.

Halston and his models

Very few know that Roy Halston Frowick started his career as a window designer in Chicago (where Joe and I started our careers as well). Soon after moving to New York in 1957, he  became a milliner for Bergdorf Goodman. Later on, Halston really brought the fashion business to the next level by using licensing to its fullest potential.

Fashion in Motion: Halston’s “Blue” photoshoot at Olympic Tower, 1982. Photo by Scott Heiser.

Apart from having dressed such iconic women as Bianca Jagger, Lauren Hutton, Liza Minnelli and Jackie Onassis, Halston not only took over the world of high end luxury, but also made his brand accessible to the masses.