Icons: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is Back!

I knew at a very young age that fashion was going to be my calling, despite being told that it is superficial. Through her message of “live your best life”, Oprah truly helped me realize how I was going to use my passion to help others, and I took it as my personal mission to make it about loving and celebrating yourself through style.

As I was watching OWN in my hotel room in Chicago, Oprah’s new show Lifeclass came on. We all have moments in life – aha moments – when we feel greatness and know that we should keep going forward. That’s exactly how I felt when watching her on TV again! Oprah is back, better than ever, teaching and inspiring people to love themselves and go after their passions. This is our goal for Visual Therapy as well: not only to spread this same message, but also to live it.

Joe and Jesse on Oprah

As a style team, we have had the honor and privilege to work with the Harpo team and be part of the Oprah show. Being on camera with Oprah was definitely a moment of validation that gave me clarity about why I’m here and what I’m supposed to do.

Jesse and Joe on Oprah with Rita Wilson

Oprah is really the person who is putting something out there that people truly need (while being consumed with The Housewives). There’s some sensational happiness about it, and this charismatic and very talented woman continues to inspire us every day. –Jesse


Oprah’s gift is her powerful ability to teach. As listed in our book “Life in Color”, she is the ultimate mentor to the world.


“Love yourself and set yourself for greatness.”

Oprah in 1998 Vogue


All the people: who have been on the show, worked with her, benefited from the multiple causes that she supports, or simply have been inspired by her show. Oprah has been repeatedly ranked as the most philanthropic celebrity and created the Oprah’s Angel Network that supports charitable projects and provides grants to nonprofit organizations around the world. Its official goal is to “inspire people and make a difference in the lives of others”.

Oprah opening her Leadership Academy in South Africa


Always chic, ladylike and appropriate, Oprah is a great example of Chic style type.

Oprah in the Words of the VT Team

Joe Lupo:

I will never forget our first television appearance, which as luck would have it, was, as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show! In the past, we had worked behind the scenes, but to be seated on the sofa with Oprah was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Jesse and I felt COMPLETELY taken care of by Oprah and her producers; safe, calm and nurtured. There was also a feeling of validation, knowing that Oprah recognized our process and the work we do. I am so grateful for our appearances on the show and continue to remain in awe of the work that Oprah does for the world. Her commitment to helping people to realize their own greatness continues to inspire me every day in my own work and with my own intentions. I am excited to see the good things her next chapter will bring.

Lisa Marie McComb:

I can say that I am a Visual Therapy stylist due to the Oprah Show… Jesse and I had not seen each other in years, and suddenly there he was backstage while I was on the show as a model. As it turned out, that was my last time on Oprah as a model and just the beginning of my years of styling! One of the greatest gifts of my life was working on makeover shows at Harpo. It’s very rewarding to watch someone transform in front of you to become the movie star version of her/himself. I extend a debt of gratitude to Oprah and all the producers who believed in me, to Jesse for pushing me to make the jump to the styling world, and mostly to all the people I dressed over the years… Thank you for the opportunity to find my passion!

Kristi Porcelli:

I worked on a variety of shows and had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of amazing people. That includes the extremely hardworking team behind Oprah and its awe-inspiring guests. Being a stylist we get to work on the “FUN” part of the show, and this is when I start to build a relationship with the people that I just met. You really bond with the people who you turn into a “Queen/King” for a day (sometimes I have to fight back the tears… this is REAL). This is how I felt when I worked on the Hollywood makeover of the “Chicken Lady”, a chicken farmer who swapped her jeans and t-shirt for a Valentino gown and a red carpet. With Oprah, there is constant growth when you are a part of the show.

Michael Kramer:

Working on the Oprah Show (whether assisting or styling) was always very gratifying. I usually had the opportunity to help someone who was deserving of special treatment, or needing a change in their lives. Knowing that I was a small part in the process was so rewarding and infectious. The staff helped spread the message and uplifted those involved even if they were devoting LONG hours putting together a show that made a difference in people’s lives. It showed me new perspectives, and was a better education than any school.