Holiday Gift Guide: Julie’s Picks

We’re so excited to welcome to Julie Forbes to our family of stylists! Having worked with Prada and Bloomingdale’s, Julie has a gift of working with private clients. Julie joined our team as a lead stylist in Beverly Hills, CA. Check out her last-minute Holiday gift ideas with an art twist.

  1. Kelly Wearstler Rosella Earring with Gold, Coral and Rutilated Quartz $550,
  2. Hania Copellia Hand-Knitted Cashmere Hat $275,
  3. Shizue Imai Golden Cup  Stem Bowl from Hand-Built Ceramic $425,
  4. Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri Silk Sachet Bordeaux $52,
  5. Michael Verheyden Candlestick in Walnut $155,