Haute Couture Diary: Jean Paul Gaultier’s ’80s & ’90s Nostalgia

JPG Haute Couture Fall 2014

The Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014 Haute Couture show transported us back to the late ’80s and early ’90s. The music and the diverse crowd set the mood for a true performance. Rocked out, chic, new wave, club, disco were all present and accounted for. We loved the modern twist on nostalgia shown in these three looks:

1. A signature JPG tuxedo duster gets an update paired with a strapless metallic mini dress.

2. Layers upon layers of laser cut white organza on this sculpted sleeve rippled delicately as the model walked the runway. This prompted me to nudge Jesse and say “me going to Starbucks” (a running inside joke). That pretty much means I’d wear that anywhere and everywhere! (probably with a bra).

3. This ultra glam ombré beaded jumpsuit took our breath away. Just what you’d expect when attending Haute Couture shows. The way the light caught the beads made it look like liquid metal. Stunning!

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“An elegant vampire in a luxurious jogging suit,” was how Gaultier described his fall couture show, and it was truly a spectacle. Conchita Wurst was the evil bride at the end of the show, followed by an angel bride. It’s all about the balance between good and evil, isn’t it? -X LM