Get The Look: Anouk Colantoni

get the look

VT Stylist Anouk Colantoni

VT Stylist Anouk Colantoni in Chanel Jacket, Vintage dress, YSL Cage Heels and with LRVT Alligator Tote Duo

As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week approaches, the question at hand is always, ‘what to wear?‘ Follow the example one of our lead stylists Anouk Colantoni, and go for a beautiful leather jacket, sleek suede dress, tights, modernist shoes, and a tote to accommodate the contents of your NYFW survival kit.



  1. J.W.Anderson Cutout Cuff Leather Jacket,
  2. Balenciaga Suede Sleveless Shift,
  3. Jordan Askill Ring,
  4. LRVT ‘V’ Duo Tote/Clutch,
  5. Yves Saint Laurent Cage Sandals,