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Feelin' It

Tara Stiles | Photo by Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three

Tara Stiles | Photo by Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three

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I fell asleep at 9pm last night and am up at 5am. Suppose my body was still in Verbier and Paris and schedule back in NYC. I’ve been having a lot of colorful visions, intuition stuff, however you like to talk about those moments when we just feel like we are getting some good info and we have to listen and tap in. I love these moments. These moments are never literal for me, something telling me to do this, hug this person, or go there, it’s more the feeling I’m left with and how that feeling relates to where I’m putting efforts. Last night I saw in my dream endless rolling fields of neon matryoshkas flowing like gentle waves. I had a lucid moment where I realized this was happening, I was seeing this, and I don’t want it to end. Sometimes those moments are similar to doing a really fun yoga pose, the moment you realize you’re in it and it’s happening, is the moment focus can be easily lost, but focus can also be held. I realized I could stay and ride the matryoshkas. Super crazy fun.

My interpretation of the message is a continued obsession and celebration with vibrancy in all its forms, color, texture, patterns in art, design, and in our lives. Fluidity of movement, uniqueness and individuality of expression, and the collective hearts and minds enjoying making beauty as one. Knowledge of uniqueness in all of us, and the ability to create endlessly with continued focus, energy and attention.

Having just spent a few super colorful days in Verbier followed by a couple vibrant days in Paris, this vision seemed like the artistic conclusion and the universe handing me a takeaway clue to learn, reflect and grow.

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I woke up this morning super early and had a bit of a heartfelt feeling about of all things, “the selfie” OMG I know. Rolling fields of Russian dolls to selfies, it’s a bit of a transition but, one possibly worth exploring.

[quote type=”center”] We are amazing, unique radiant individuals filled with potential. Energy is inside us.[/quote]

When I was writing Make  Your Own Rules Diet, and you’ll see in the personal story I share in the book, (which I’ve never shared in a public way before) my goal is to help people feel better about themselves so they desire to make better choices. There is so much self-hate happening in the world, even though there is so much talk about self-love. Fake it till you make it doesn’t work. There is a way to practice (instead of practice being fake) caring about yourself, so you are driven to do all the things that continue to cultivate a radiant life for yourself.

We are amazing, unique radiant individuals filled with potential. Energy is inside us. It’s up to us how we increase or decrease that energy and how we use it in our lives. When we feelTara Stiles better about our selves, we do better things in the world. I started Strala, not to popularize yoga, although that surely happened and is a big part of the yoga wave and evolution, which is great, but isn’t my main intention. My goal is to help people feel better, become clear, confident, healthy and radiant, so they can go out into the world and affect positive change. If I can help people be clear, confident, healthy, and feel fantastic, they are going to be great people who are able to tap into their talents and potential to help and heal the world. Is yoga a good tool, absolutely. Am I an agent for expanding traditional yoga, whatever that means in 2014, absolutely not.

[quote type=”center”] What is inside of you is special, unique, and here for a reason. [/quote]

What is inside of you is special, unique, and here for a reason. My mission is to help you remember that, and clear out whatever is in the way to stay connected to that power. Yoga says that power comes from a guru. Yoga has been a form of control. I’m not interested in arguing about yoga. I had a documentary film crew in my house yesterday asking me all sorts of “big questions” that I could care less about. What is yoga, what isn’t. Why are you a rebel. How come you put yoga on YouTube. These types of questions are completely irrelevant to helping people, and nothing I actually care about. I care about helping myself feel great, healthy, and connected so I can help you connect to that awesome potential living and breathing inside of you. Oh, and by the way, I believe that is the true yoga. The 5th element living in you. When you connect your body, mind and spirit, that’s it. I just don’t care about the word anymore. I care about connection. I care about you.

When you truly care about yourself, and this is radical so make sure you’re calm and relaxed, you can see beauty in yourself and others. I’m not talking about vanity and displaying yourself in a way that preys upon making others feel inferior or manipulates emotions, but I am referring to self appreciation. Spending some time in the mountains reminded me that we are nature. The view out the window of ourselves is breath taking. Nature takes care of itself. It rains when it needs to rain. It moves in the breeze when the wind comes. It opens with the sun and dances with the stars. When we allow ourselves to dance with nature, our natural side emerges. We can begin to appreciate the beauty of nature, the beauty of others, and the beauty of ourselves. All the trees are different, making the forrest rich and gorgeous. We shouldn’t expect all the people to look the same, have the same shape, face, eyes, hair, and body size. We should desire for people to feel good, connected and healthy. Healthy humans are gorgeous and they all look incredibly different. Unhealthy humans have a bit of a struggle and are disconnected from their natural side.

I’ve always felt attracted to energy more than physical looks. To me, energy is all there is, it makes someone shine, or feel scattered. Whether the world agrees your beautiful or not, all that matters is how you feel and what you radiate. I’ve known people who the world has agreed on their physical beauty, that has felt so scattered and with not great intention, that I literally can’t see the beauty. Of course that can change in an instant, as energy can. The person can soften, get out of fear mode, and change the molecules around them. Energy can enhance or block anything. Beauty literally does come from within. Your energy is all that matters. It radiates how you feel and look and what you give off when you walk in a room.

[quote type=”center”] Allow yourself to be beautiful because you are. [/quote]

In conclusion from my lucid musings I encourage myself and you to keep a careful and compassionate eye on your energy today. If you feel off, scattered and blocked, see what you can do to bring yourself back. Connect with your breath. Go for a walk. Move your body. Open yourself. Watch how you are perceived changes.

Then when you are radiating so much light it’s blinding, don’t be afraid to take a selfie and share that light with the world.



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