Feelin’ It: Personal Style And The Senses

Feelin' It

[quote type=”center”] It’s not the dress, but what’s in the dress, that matters.  [/quote]

Jesse GarzaYour personal style is not just the clothes, it’s the combination of beauty and energy that makes you invincible. All senses are involved, as your overall image is comprised of many elements – from clothing and hair to makeup, fragrance, and your energy. It’s up to you to put the time and the effort into making it happen, and when it all comes together, something clicks and you feel no less than like the star version of yourself. There’s a feeling of being unstoppable that gives you a pedestal to accomplish everything you want in life. Being completely comfortable and confident in the way you look and what you’re wearing allows your inner light to shine, helping you focus on more important things.  This is something each one of us has access to if you choose to.

An important thing to mention is that investing the time in yourself  starts on the inside – it isn’t possible without taking care of your spirit, yet the result affects not only the way you look, but also the way you’re perceived as you walk into the room. Doors open, and seemingly challenging tasks become more effortless. Are you feelin’ it today? What would make you feel like the star version of yourself? Those are the questions that you should ask yourself every day. Because every day is worth FEELIN’ IT.

It’s GAME ON! -Jesse


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