Feelin’ It: Make This Valentine’s Day About Self-Love

Feelin' It
Vogue Paris Valentine's Day Self love

[quote type=”center”] Practice unconditional love for yourself in all your glory and imperfection, and you’ll never need more. [/quote]

Cameron Diaz

Originally published by Sakara Life.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we loved ourselves as much as we loved the people closest to us? If we woke up everyday as excited to be in our bodies as we were to see our loved ones after a long day? If we were there for ourselves as unconditionally and spoiled ourselves with our favorite treats because it genuinely felt that GOOD to see ourselves so happy and so taken care of?
Take this Valentine’s Day to practice radical self-love.

Not just feeling happy and satisfied, and treating yourself well, but radically, head-to-toe ADORING and CELEBRATING everything that you are! Practice the type of self love that sweeps you off your feet, turns your world upside down, and feels GOOD deep down in your very cells. The type that shakes things up, moves out the junk out, and harnesses the innate power you possess when you totally and completely LOVE (it’s important for your health too!). What it looks like for you will be completely unique, but we have a few suggestions to get you started and we are totally ready to share the LOVE…

Are you in? 

 We love these resources for the best Valentine’s Day yet: