Feelin’ It: Be In Your Body. Be Aware. By Toni Colette

Feelin' It

Here at our VT office, we’ve been discussing the importance of focusing on what we have, instead of what we don’t have. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to an unattainable ideal, but what’s the use? This post by Academy-Award nominated actress Toni Colette, originally published on OurBodyBook.com, is a great expression of appreciating yourself. Enjoy.

Toni Colette | Image c/o Vogue Italia

Well, it’s January 1st and I am sitting at the beach watching all kinds of bodies stroll, jog and stretch up and down the powdery sands. Bodies are fascinating and miraculous. Every single one of them. Women have the power and knowledge to do so much more than we can fathom. Birth new humans? Sure! This is a profound yet obvious example of the body’s innate knowledge. Sure, it tells us when to sleep, eat and shit. These are just the basics.

In the past I have had a rocky relationship with my body. I disliked it. I abused it. I changed it, using it to help create characters on screen. And I ignored it. But as I’ve grown older, and certainly since having my gorgeous kids and experiencing something so primal, it has amazed me time and time again how profoundly knowledgeable the body is. The mind is a mess. Most minds are anyway. Chaotic thoughts racing around constantly that we may or may not tap in and out of but which effect us nonetheless.

Whereas the body is steadfast and has an intelligence of its own. The more in touch I am with my body the more aware I am in general. The happier I am. It doesn’t take much. Just be nice to it. Even for 15 minutes a day. I am not talking about being fit which is a brilliant gift to yourself and your health. I am just talking about being comfortable in your own skin. A brisk walk, some stretches, deep breaths, healthy fuel (food) and touching. We all need to feel and be felt. Don’t be afraid to touch other people. Hug them. At least shake hands! Not to mention more intimate connections. We may as well, we’re all in this life together.

But really, your body will communicate with you and tell you what you need. Which is different to your mind telling you what you want. All you have to do is listen, tune in and stop taking it for granted. Be in your body. Be aware. It’ll help align everything in you. It makes for a better life. Well, it has for me even if it took a while.

– Toni Collette