Color Perfect

Now that only a few short weeks are left until Spring (finally!), it’s time to brighten up your wardrobe. Scientists say that colors affect us on a subconscious level and guide our decisions throughout the day, from what you choose to eat for breakfast to the tone of voice you use when you pick up your phone. On top of that, people around us are influenced by the colors we’re wearing. Imagine your boss giving you a higher raise because you’re wearing the right hue of blue. Or your boyfriend taking you out on a spontaneous date the day you wear a sizzling red top.

Joe recommends choosing bright, juicy colors to set the right mood and turn some heads along the way. We’re excited to announce that his tips on wearing the right colors appeared in Women’s Health January/February 2011 issue. Follow Joe’s simple rules to appear relaxed, romantic or even exude authority.

It’s time to make a fashion statement in color!

Color Advice by stylist Joe Lupo and Psy.D. Abby Calisch