Boutique Spotlight: MOSCOT


Moscot in 1934

We are forever in search of fantastic little treasures and are never at a loss in New York City!  We have written time and time again about the importance of instant updates and how incredible something as simple as a new pair of glasses – sunnies, everyday or even reading, can make you feel.  When is comes to eyewear, Moscot is the answer!

Moscot is a Family Affair – in the late 1890s, Hyman Moscot arrived to New York from Eastern Europe and started with a pushcart containing eyeglasses on Orchard street.  In 1936 he opened a small retail shop at 118 Orchard Street lasting for the next couple of generations (over 80 years) until opening at 108 Orchard Street in 2013.

What I find most fascinating about the brand are its rocked out, Lower East Side point of view, the design and quality of the frames, and finally, pricing.  The Moscot family continues the tradition of fresh new design while reinventing greatest hits from previous generations in their “classics” collection each year. They create limited run sunglasses from special vintage frames that were only used as prescription eyewear, not to mention being spot on with trend colors and performance materials for comfort, design and longevity.   Be sure to check out this American classic at one of their 3 locations in New York, or now in Asia.  -Joe

Joe Lupo at Moscot NYC