Baby Chic – It’s never too early to start!

So many of our clients and friends are either having babies or looking for the perfect gift to give to the new mom. We have decided to take some of the drama out of donning your little darling.

Gucci, gucci, goo! Gucci wins the prize for the most adorable new collection for babies and children.  Take a look at some of our favorites and check out the site if you like what you see!

Warm your heart and make a difference by giving to be’be’ravi (Baby’s Delight). Designer, Siamanda Chege, employs 100’s of women from rural villages in Kenya to hand knit each piece.

It’s in the bag!  Diaper bags can be a drag.  We found a great classic option to use as a diaper bag from Louis Vuitton that can double as a tote for work later on.  The side compartments are perfect for bottles and formula.