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Joan smalls model meditating

Feelin’ It: Loving Kindness Meditation

I'm a huge believer in meditation -- there simply isn't a more effective way to calm down the mind, and connect to your Deeper Self. Meditation helps you...
Molly Maloof

Style Feature: Molly Maloof, M.D.

Dr. Molly Maloof is not your usual doctor. Wellness expert, researcher, innovator, entrepreneur and jetsetter, she's undertaken a big mission: to increase...

Well & Good’s Top 2016 Wellness Trends

We've talked about it all here in 2015: ways to stay healthy during fashion week, athleisure and sneakers street style, matcha lattes, meditation, oils as...
Natalie Kuhn of "theclass"

Wellness: The Class, A Bootcamp for Body + Soul

The basis of “the class” is working one muscle group at a time for a full song (think Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus) to the point where you go past physical pain and straight into the emotions. That’s where the shift really happens.