5 Tips For Shopping Summer Sales

How to shop summer sale

Summer weather is officially here, and so is the Memorial Day weekend.  In fashion calendar terms, we’re entering the exciting time known as… SALE SEASON! It’s the perfect moment to get the Spring/Summer pieces you held back from buying at full price. Even better news? You can wear them right away.

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To make sure you keep your wardrobe a zen space, here are 5 questions you should always ask yourself before you buy.

 1. Is it flattering? 

Or, in words of The Man Repeller, “Are you trying to dress a body that is not yours? Often times, I forget that I am not Emmanuelle Alt.”  Do you keep looking at low-rise pants, when in fact a high waist looks much more flattering on your body? Go for the pieces that look good on your body the way it is now, not the way it will be after you give that gym membership some steam.

1a. Is it comfortable?

Can I wear it without being tortured?

2. Does it represent my image? 

The fact that you saw the piece on someone else (i.e. a Vogue editor or a fashion blogger,) isn’t enough of a reason to go out and splurge on the same stuff.  Remember that a lot of those people get sent designer stuff for free to be a walking and talking advertisement for the brand. Really think about your style type and what works the best for you. See our guide to summer fashion formulas for every style type for more inspiration.

Summer Fashion Formulas For Every Style Type


3. Do I already own something similar? 

If you found a beautiful LBD at a great price doesn’t necessarily mean that you must get it, unless you’re getting rid of the ones you already have. A lot of times, the more we own, the less we wear. So instead, focus on getting pieces that will complete your existing looks.

4. Can I use it for at least 3 looks in my existing wardrobe? 

You don’t need to get a brand-new wardrobe every season: it’s all about the statement pieces that will instantly update your look–like an off-the-shoulder top. Updating your entire closet isn’t necessary to feel like you’ve got a brand new wardrobe.

5. Is it a piece I can wear next season, or a one-season wonder?

Not everything you buy has to be an investment piece that you will pass on to your grandchildren. At the same time, splurging on something that’s obviously an “it” piece that everyone recognizes isn’t worth it most of the time. For example, nude bags are a big trend this season, but we can say with certainty that they will be just as wearable a year from now.

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