5 Chic Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween 2017

Halloween is a week away and if you still haven’t decided who or what you’re going to be, you’re probably a bit stressed about what to wear at this weekend’s costume party. The good news is, you probably already own a few pieces that can help you construct a costume for this Hallow’s Eve.

Keep reading to see how you can easily transform into some of our favorite iconic (and stylish!) characters this Halloween.

Sandy Olsson

Leather Leggings + Off-the-shoulder Top + Leather Jacket + Red Lip

Sandy is a classic costume idea from the 1970’s film Grease. The best part about dressing up as Sandy for your upcoming Halloween event is that you probably already own the look—and if not—investing in a chic leather jacket is never a bad idea.

Jessica Rabbit

Red Wig + Red Dress + Long Gloves + Red Lip

You probably don’t have a red sequin dress casually hanging in your closet, but a red slip or strapless dress and a pair of red pumps does more than half the job for this classic costume. Finish off the look with long satin gloves and a voluminous red or orange wig.

Cruella De Vil

Fur Throw + Red Satin Gloves + Cigarette Holder + Black & White Wig

What we love about Halloween is being able to shamelessly play the villain for a night. And, if you’re looking to go bold, Cruella is the perfect choice. This one requires a few more props than the rest, you’ll need a cigarette holder, a black and white wig, a pair of long, red satin gloves, and a fur topper, most of which can easily be found at your local vintage shop.


Cher & Dionne

Matching Plaid Skirt Suit + Knee High Socks + Long Wig

Thankfully plaids are in this fall, so you might already own a similar look. If not, there may be a plaid skirt suit hiding in your archives that you can revive for this costume. Add a pair of knee high socks, and voila you’ve transported back to 1995 when the movie Clueless first came out.

Frida Khalo

Braided Updo + Flowers + Printed Wrap + Bold Jewelry

Bold florals and prints were in this spring, so grab an oversized floral wrap to channel one of the world’s most well known artists, Frida Khalo. Frida’s signature look was a crown of thick braids accented with real flowers, big brows, and eye-catching jewelry. Add a strong red lip and generously fill in your brows to complete the look.