3 Steps to Power Shopping from Top Wardrobe Stylists

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It’s an interesting season for fashion—departures and changes in some of the biggest fashion houses have left its mark on the retail atmosphere, creating quite the anxiety among some of the most devoted customers.

How does a personal stylist successfully get through a challenging season like this?

Well, the collections are filled with statement pieces and maximalist styling, which means that our job as curators of the collections is in full swing. While it may be the perfect season for whimsical, bohemian, and avant-garde style types, classic and chic style types may find buying wearable clothes a real challenge (but we’re up to it!)

This season may be a celebration of the whimsical and bohemian style types, but trends come and go, and chic and classic style will always remain a constant for us and our clients. And, since the collections are all about ‘more is more,’ we’re confident that there is a special piece out there for every one of our clients, regardless of style type!

As trusted personal shoppers, below are are some of the strategies that are helping us deliver the best of the best to our clients.

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1. Make A List 

Make a list of what you need so that when you go shopping it’s with a purpose, instead of just walking around aimlessly (that’s when you buy things you don’t need!) A list will help you stay focused, especially when sales people try to sell you on things you may not be interested in.

2. Do The Ground Work (or hire a stylist! ) 

Prada Trench

Prada SS 2016 Leather Trench

This is a season where you can’t expect to walk into one store and buy an entire wardrobe. No stones must be left unturned! Go to all your favorite stores first. Oftentimes you can’t see the full picture and appreciate the designer’s message until you’ve visited their flagship store. Preview the collections, try things on, take photos of yourself in your favorite pieces (from all angles!) and then come back to them at the end of the day and make your final selections.

Keep in mind the pieces that not only make you feel fabulous, but are also on your shopping list, and necessary for the upcoming events on your social calendar.

Visual Therapy Stylist Lisa Marie McComb

Visual Therapy Stylist Lisa Marie McComb

3. Be Open 

Fashion’s all about change, more so now than ever. If your look always stays the same and you’re not careful, it can seem like you’re stuck in a time warp or your style could become stale. What’s really in style is what looks good on you. But, it’s also important to consider and infuse trends into your daily lineup. Be open to discovering new silhouettes and colors, change is good!

Jesse Garza at Valentino

VT Co-Founder Jesse Garza at Valentino Boutique on Madison Ave

Most importantly, remember to have fun with it all! Tag us in your shopping photos on Instagram, and let us know your burning style questions in the comments below!