A Day in the Life of VT Co-founder Jesse Garza

VT Co-founder Jesse GarzaVisual Therapy’s co-founder and creative director Jesse Garza leads a very busy, jet set lifestyle.

Though he’s constantly traveling between San Francisco, LA, and Chicago, New York is his home, and when he’s in town there’s always a ton to catch up on. Keep reading to follow him along on an average day of meetings and shopping in New York City!

5:30 am

Jesse’s eyes flip open. He heads to the gym to start the day off on a healthy note.

VT Co-founder Jesse Garza

10:00 am

Jesse arrives at the Visual Therapy office, has breakfast, and catches up with his team. Not only does Visual Therapy line up wardrobes for private clients, but they also creative consult for both up-and-coming and established brands. Because of this, most of Jesse’s days in New York are filled with meetings with different designers and fashion brands.

12:00 pm

Jesse and his team meet with resort wear designer Jackie of Jaline Design. Her silk caftans are beautiful and perfect for VT’s jet-setting clients. Jesse and VT stylist Kellye consult with Jackie on the color palettes and shapes they would like for their clients.

Jaline Meeting with Jesse Garza and Kellye Hento

1:00 pm

The VT team gathers in the office for lunch and they discuss ideas for Visual Therapy’s social media. Jesse shares his inspiration for the team—since he’s always traveling, this is the perfect opportunity to make sure his ideas materialize.

2:00 pm

Jesse and Kellye meet with luxury womenswear designer Victor Alfaro at his showroom. Jesse and his team are always on the hunt for new and talented designers to dress their clients in. Victor’s pieces are gorgeous and Jesse sets aside some looks he thinks will be perfect for his clients.

Jesse Garza at Victor Alfaro

Jesse Garza at Victor Alfaro

Jesse Garza at Victor Alfaro

4:00 pm

Jesse and Kellye head to Barneys New York downtown to shop for clients. It’s their job as wardrobe stylists to scout out every luxury department store and boutique in the city to make sure their clients get the best of the best. After an hour of browsing, they break and head to Fred’s for some tea and a snack.

Jesse Garza at Barneys New York

Fred's Barneys New York

5:00 pm

After a long day of shopping and meetings, Jesse heads home to his new apartment (beautifully designed by VT Home!) Tomorrow he will be in San Francisco or Chicago or maybe even Paris.

Coming soon: another post showcasing Jesse’s new home.