5 Steps To The Best NYC Shopping Experience

Street Style Shopping

It’s that time of year again, when shoppers flood the streets of New York to buy holiday gifts for their loved ones.

Christmas shopping in New York City can be amazing, as long as you take the right approach. But, embarking on a long day of shopping in the city without a plan can leave you tired, overwhelmed, and oftentimes, empty handed.

Below are some pointers from NYC’s best professional shoppers, follow this guide and you’ll be sure to cross everything and everyone off your list.

1. Create A List

Jot down who you’ll be buying gifts for and what you have in mind for each person. Include potential stores for each gift on your list.

2. Pre-shop Online

Have an idea of what you’re looking for before you walk into a store. Knowing which items you want beforehand can give you peace of mind in a crowded store.

3. Start Early

Common sense—we know—but New York shopping crowds (especially around the holidays!) are a special kind of crazy. The worst time to shop is between 5pm -9pm.

4. Avoid Tourist Hot Spots

Steer clear of Herald Square (33rd street to 37th street), Fifth Ave (45th to 55th), and Soho (Broadway). These locations top the list as the most popular shopping destinations for tourists while most of the stores in these areas are in other parts of the city as well. Madison avenue above 59th street and the Meatpacking district are two of our favorite neighborhoods for stress free shopping.

4. Visit Stores Exclusive To NYC

Don’t waste time at stores you can shop in other parts of the country or online. Bergdorf Goodman and FIVESTORY top the list of stores exclusive to New York City. Whether you’re looking to buy or simply browse, these stores are a must-see for the ultimate NYC shopping experience. Be sure to also check out other boutiques exclusive to NYC including Dover Street Market, Kirna Zambete, Opening Ceremony, The Apartment by The Line, Jeffrey, and Catbird.

5. Take A Break

Break for lunch! At the top of our list for grabbing a bite to eat is the Plaza Hotel Food Hall, located across the street from Bergdorf Goodman. The super chic food court also doubles as a great place to buy small gifts and stocking stuffers.