4 Steps To An Organized Closet

Dream closet

Our Chicago-based stylist Kristi Porcelli can practically organize and merchandise a closet with her eyes closed. Today she’s sharing four tricks of the trade and her must-have products that will keep your closet immaculate.

huggable felt hangers

1. Buy Matching Hangers – After you review and edit your wardrobe, swap out your wire and plastic hangers for matching felt hangers (we love the Huggable Hangers). This is a quick and easy way to see instant results.


2. Merchandise Your Closet – Section out your closet and keep like items and seasonal items together. This will make it easier to shop your closet. You should also create a color story in each section and move from lighter to darker shades.

3. Buy Storage Bins – These lidded canvas boxes with plastic windows will give your closet a streamlined look and keep everything in place. Don’t forget lavender sachets for a light fresh scent that will help keep moths away.

4. Label Sections Of Your Closet – A label maker like this P-Touch by Brother makes it easy to mark sections of your closet in a clean and professional way. I like to label clients’ shelves so that they are divided into sections like long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, etc. Then when they are neatly folded using a folding board they can be placed neatly in the appropriate section.

Be sure to check out or book Nothing To Wear?: A Five-Step Cure for the Common Closet for more useful tips.