5 GIFs That Will Help You Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions

It’s January, which means the VT office is buzzing about new workouts we must try this year (AKT InMotion!) and new yoga studios we’re into (Y7 is all the rage!) We’re also looking to learn a little discipline from our founder Jesse Garza, who’s up and heading to the gym at 6am every day of the week, rain or shine.

After the gym, he swings by the office before hitting the stores and we can tell how strong and fit he’s feeling.

His mantra? “There’s not excuse to not be the best, most fit version of yourself.”  There’s no room for excuses, and a lot of careful planning involved: all his trips and hotels are planned around the proximity of Equinox, his favorite gym.

And while becoming disciplined and fit like Jesse is positively on our vision boards for 2016, here are a few workout GIFs that keep us motivated on daily basis.

HIIT Vinyasa flow by Sporteluxe founder Bianca Cheah


Bianca Cheah, Vinyasa HIIT workout, Yoga workout

Side forearm plank abs by Bari instructor Ashley Wilking



Dancing dog by Blogilates’ Cassey Ho


Butt blast with ab lift by The Class founder Taryn Toomey




Bent leg raises by Kayla Itsines


And of course… our favorite kind of workout!

Shopping workout GIF Paris